I praise my Lord !!!

I thank God for the beautiful baby girl that he blessed me with. I have been attending Wednesday prayer meetings with my best friend till my husband and I moved to Australia in 2007. In December 2009 my friend Anu called and told me that there was a word of knowledge stating that a couple who was married for 7 years with no children will be blessed with a child.

Anu said that she claimed it for us as my husband and I have been married for 7 years (we married in Aug. 2002) with no children and I have been praying for a child. As per the word of knowledge I got pregnant in April 2010 and is holding a beautiful daughter in my arms while writing this mail. God has always been with me through thick and thin and my Lord has always come through for me. I praise my Lord with all of my being……

Subashini Samaranayake
21st April 2011
On the 4th of May at the Wednesday prayer meeting t St. Peter’s College there was a word of knowledge saying “there is a lady here who is doing a clothing business but her husband and children are against her business. But Father in Heaven is pleased with her business.” I immediately claimed it.
I have been coming for the Wednesday prayer meeting since 2005 but I have never surrendered my life to Lord Jesus. In March 2011 I attended the 4 steps retreat. I surrendered my whole life to my Lord. I gave my business and my family to my Lord’s Hands. I did a good confession after so many years. I told God that He is my business partner. I gave the truth of my heart to Jesus.
Though I was doing the business for many years I never had a profit. People cheated me. My husband shouted at me everyday and my children were against my business.

From the day I surrendered everything to the Lord in heaven my business improved. My workers were very supportive. I got many orders. My husband and children were very supportive. There were no problems at home.

I started an inner journey with my Jesus. I pray and worship every morning before I start my work. I see everything has changed. Everything expanded by the power of the Holy spirit touched by the presence of God.

God gives me wisdom to handle everything. I thank and worship my Lord for the blessings. For touching me, helping me and guiding me.
Thank you Jesus, Praise you Father, Thank You Holy spirit.
Praise the lord! I was on my way for the day of revival on the 9th of July amidst my nephew living a hard life in USA called me. The news was very much troubling; he was to be approved as a permanent worker in a multimillion dollar company in days to come. But there was a possibility that his recruitment to be canceled due to an issue in is visa.

I was very much worried and deeply buried in this thought as he was a man leading a very hard life. I knew that I couldn’t help him anyway but only by asking my Father who is God Himself. Immediately I called my nephew and said about my presence at the day of Revival. I told him that I will pray asking for God’s blessings on this sudden problem. With great faith I commenced with the proceedings of the event. There came an instance where we praised the lord saying “FIRE”. At that moment I felt the pulse of my heart beat as if my prayer has been answered and that tings will work as it should and he’ll be confirmed to work. The assurance and the confidence over this matter was so much that I short messaged him and said about the prayer meting with a crowd of more than 12,000 listening to the word of God. I told about the great feeling I had about this issue and asked him to walk in on Monday with no fear and assured him that they would welcome him well as God welcome all of us.

Praise the Lord! On Monday things had happened as I wished and he received the job which he was promised amidst his visa issue. This indeed is a great miracle. My nephew is a father of three children. He was leading a very hard life all these years as he had no permanent job and there were nights where he had to sleep in his car and use common sanitary facilities. Now thanks to the Lord Almighty he has got a vey decent job with a salary of 4000 dollars a month.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I was diagnosed with “ Aqustic Neuroma” a slow growing tumor of the Nerve that connects the ear to the Brain on the 12th of October, 2011. It was all reveled after I had done MRI which the doctor requested, since I was unable to hear from my right ear which I had over a period of time, causing no trouble except deafness in my right ear but no Dr, would give me any medication without a MRI report

. On receiving confirmed reports about my sickness and the outcome of the surgery, my family & I were shattered. As the Tumor was large in size (3CM) which was almost resting on my right Brain Stem, it was not possible to be taken off by other methods other than through surgery which was going to take 8 hrs. On the same day of consultation we decided to get myself admitted to hospital on the 15 th & have the surgery done on the 17th Oct., 2011. Since coming home, I found myself shattered, scared & depressed losing hope, not knowing what the future holds for me & my family in terms of my health.

I continued praying to my Lord, my Creator & whom my whole future lies with, to give me the strength, courage & free me from all fears & of Pain. Whilst, O Lord keep holding my hand through my 8 hr surgery to be a success. My testimony will not be complete if I do not mention that till the final second that I remember lying tensed up on the operating bed, I surrendered my surgery to my Lord & asked the lord to work through my surgeon in all ways by not complicating my condition through and after the operation. My surgeon confirmed that many of my facial Nerves were wrapped around the tumor, which had to be gently taken off without causing damage since it could have caused permanent disfigurement to my face. I Praise & thank my Lord that this too was a success.

It was a day later, that I woke up semi conscious to find myself on life support lying in the ICU. I was told by my Husband & Doctors, that my tumor was removed successfully & Praise The Lord the Greatest News was that it had No Traces of being malignant., This was also confirmed by the Biopsy reports thereafter. Though, the Operation left me paralyzed completely on my right side which the Doctors confirmed that I will overcome with time & Exercise, which I Praise the Lord has been a success, with NO Psycho therapy. Since my Dr. was happy with my progress after the operation, & my High Pressure I had been diagnosed since the birth of my youngest son, was normal, & my Cholesterol level was under control the life support was taken off in 2 days, and I was transferred to a room on the 3rd day, I was brought home

on the 08th day of my surgery, & given no medication to be taken other than a Panadine if I do have any ache or pain. I had my monthly checks with my Doctor, who requested me to start on my office work from Home in the 2nd month, which I did. The Post MRI was done at the 3rd month & on consulting my Doctor, I was informed that everything was clear & the reports were normal. It was confirmed that I could get back to my normal life, repeating the MRI only annually. I Praise & Thank the Lord for his Wonderful works in healing me & granting me my Normal Life Back with No complications.

It is 7 ½ months now & with the Grace of My Lord, I see myself Recover on a Daily Basis, though, I have a little discomfort at times which is bearable & I know for a Fact that MY LORD IS PROTECTING ME & GIVING ME THE STRENGHT TO FACE EVERY CONDITION WITH CONFIDENCE, WHILES TOUCHING ME & HEALING ME. I further like to mention that since getting back home, I would listen to the “ Four Step Retreat “ CD on a daily basis, receiving an Inner Healing and at times when I felt Depressed & Sad, all I did was Listen to the same “ Prayer CD”, for comfort & relief. I continue listening to it every Morning while Driving to Work & I find that it Inspires me each time I listen to it.

Lord I Praise & thank you for Empowering, Lalith Thatha & the Loyal Servers in the “Community of The Risen Lord”, in recording this CD. I, PRISE & THANK YOU LORD JESUS, MOTHER MARY & MY GURDIAN ANGEL.FOR THIS WONDERFUL HEALING, WITH NO PAIN & SUFFERING.

(Mrs) Jeanie Wanasinghe

Sri Lankav
Mallika is 38 years old and blind from birth. She hails from a remote village in the Matara District. Out of her 9 siblings, 4 are totally blind from birth just like Mallika. But what is remarkable is the inner strength of Mallika. She chose to make a life for herself rather than depend on her poor mother to support as does her other 3 siblings who are blind. The 5 siblings who are sighted are too poor to support their blind siblings. There is no father in the family.

Mallika is a member of the Blind Federation Choir and earns a meager amount during Christmas time when the Blind choir gets assignments to sing Christmas Carols. She has rented a room in Seeduwa and fends for herself – i.e. does her own cooking, etc. The room rent is Rs.2000/- per month. She often can only afford 1 meal per day.

Mallika passed her GCE O/L at the Blind School with a pass in English language. Since then worked as a packer. But like any one of us, Mallika has aspirations to do better. With this in mind, she followed a Telephone Operator training course at the Council for the Blind in Colombo. This one year training program came to an end at the end of May 2010. Mallika was paid an allowance of Rs.2000/- per month from the Council during her training period. The Blind Council is unable to assist her to get employment.

Up to now Mallika has been managing with the above mentioned sum of Rs2000/- and her little savings plus donations from well wishers, which is not a regular contribution. In May this year, a Server in our Differently Abled Ministry was led by the Holy Spirit to circulate an email about her plight amongst friends in the hope that some door of opportunity would open for Mallika. During this time Mallika, inspite of her total blindness, had been attending the Mabole prayer meetings and she travels without the help of any one. She even attended the day of Revival in 2009 and the recent one at Negombo. To a totally blind person to travel to a place on her own, to wait a whole day, not knowing who may help her with toilet facilities, food, etc., is a tremendous witness to her absolute dependency on God.

To cut a long story short, around early June a person by the name of 'Promod' had called her and said that his Human Resource Director had received an e-m about her and that they are trying to find her some kind of training/employment. Being blind, Mallika did not note down his phone no and was unable to identify it on her mobile. So there was no way to follow up.

Then last week, the Rs.2000/- she had saved up to pay her room rent had been stolen from her purse while it was in her room and the landlady who had been agitating to get rid of her, told her she must leave by this weekend (July 3rd) . Mallika found herself once more roaming the streets on a lead to find another room to rent. In the meantime we too were interceding to the Lord for a longer term solution to Mallika's future.

On July 2nd morning this 'Promod' gentleman calls her again and this time she noted the number and asked me to follow up on his offer.

Our God is always on time - Promod is the HR Manager for one of MAS Holdings companies in Gampaha - his HR Director had received the email through many 'forwards' and although they have no job to offer Mallika, they were willing to try to fit her in their Admin dept. Then had come the question of accommodation. Though the company provides boarding homes for their factory workers, no one had been willing to share with a totally blind girl - finally, they had found one lady by the name of Renuka who agreed to keep Mallika in their boarding house and Mallika went there to start her new life on Sunday, July 4th. She will get a small allowance while training and will get all 3 meals !

Her concern now is that there is no church nearby, but I am sure God will find a way.

Truly the scriptures come alive (Mathew 6:33) 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you' ! Praise and thank our Amazing, Compassionate and Loving God !
I am writing this testimony to thank my Lord from the bottom of my heart for being so merciful and gracious as to shower this blessing upon my family.

I have been a regular attendee at the St. Peter’s Wednesday prayer meetings or at Mabole for the past three years. I have been to several retreats as well. Every day I learn something new through Lalith Thatha’s preaching to know God’s love for us. My husband attends these services sometimes and has been to the Couple’s retreat this year.

My husband was baptized Catholic but had not received Holy Communion. His father had not wanted the children to receive Holy Communion, but rather to select their own religion when they became adults. My husband had not been to church before our marriage. At the time of our marriage, though, I accompanied him to see a priest to discuss this issue. My husband stated that he did not have faith, and could not receive Holy Communion. I was very sad, but I thought that God would someday give him this great Sacrament. Because we were both baptized Catholics, the priest opted for the full mass at our wedding. I prayed for my husband’s full conversion, but not as fervently as in past years.

By attending the Tuesday and Wednesday prayer meetings, the main thought that has filled my mind lately was the graces God can shower upon us through the Sacrament of Confession. There was a testimony about three months ago at the Mobole prayer meeting. This lady had written all her sins in a book, and had confessed. Thereafter, the blessings she had received were tremendous. It clicked a bell to me, as I had gotten the same feelings and urges, to write all my faults and sins committed on paper and go to the Sacrament of Confession. I did this and was amazed how God gave me the avenues for making a good Confession relating all the sins listed in my book. At the same time, since April, I have had the habit of visiting the Blessed Sacrament in church on my way to the office and to pray the Rosary. Since May, I have offered my husband’s faithlessness to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and I too have also surrendered.

In the meantime my only daughter was to receive Holy Communion on July 3rd 2010. I was very saddened that as a family we will not be able to receive Jesus on this great occasion of my daughter. But nevertheless, I started praying fervently beginning in May for the intention of my husband’s conversion. Just one week, prior to the occasion the school had organized a ½ day retreat for the parents at Fr. Darrell’s “Supawath Arana.” Both my husband and I attended. After the retreat, he spoke to Fr. Darrell and said that he wanted to receive Jesus. I could not believe it. I praised and thanked God! I could have hugged Jesus if He was close by. I could not imagine how Jesus could change people like my husband, as he had his stance that he would go to church, but not receive Holy Communion as he did not have faith. Father Darrell was very happy. He tapped him and said it would be very good for him to speak to the Parish priest.

We did so. My husband related the whole story of his life and why he had not received. The priest listened to his story. He immediately stated that the Lord had touched him. My husband mentioned that he did not want my daughter to miss anything on her great occasion. The priest heard his confession. It was my husband’s first confession in a lifetime. The priest gave the blessing and permission to receive Holy Communion with my daughter. This was after ten years of marriage. God has his own time and he knows the correct time too.

I could not believe how God can be so merciful and how he waits patiently until sinners come back to him. The grace of confession is so tremendous! I was overwhelmed with joy! We all received Holy Communion as a family for the first time on July 3rd. It was like our wedding day once again after ten years of married life, when I brought back my husband to the “house of God” through God’s unfailing love for us.

The day was even more memorable, as my husband received Holy Communion from my brother who is also a priest—as the school principal had invited my priest brother to be a concelebrant at the Holy Communion ceremony. I never even dreamt of such a beautiful day.

From this I gathered how our Heavenly Father oversees the very small details of our life’s plan when we surrender and come to the Lord. I was concentrating only on my husband’s conversion. God even planned for the day to be so memorable. Confession, surrendering, and the value of the Blessed Sacrament I learned from Lalith Thatha’s prayer meeting preaching and testimonies. I thank God for such opportunities and also Thatha as well.

We have been attending prayer meetings since last year. My husband at first was not very keen on attending these meetings bur because of my insistence he agreed to attend the meetings with me and our children. During these times we were facing lots of family problems, however after we started attending these meetings, we experienced the Lord and he helped us to overcome all these problems. So we thank and praise the Lord for giving us his love, care, and blessings in an unimaginable manner.

The greatest problem we had was selling two houses, which were in vacant position for about three years. We could not come across a buyer for the said houses. In November last year (2006) a word of knowledge spoken at the prayer meeting mentioned that there was a person here who wished to sell his or her houses and that he or she was under the impression that something evil has been done to the houses. The word continued to mention that the Lord was saying ,my dear son just surrender your problems to me and I will handle them and set you free. Once again on January 3rd, the first Wednesday of the year 2007 a word of knowledge was spoken, which said.that there was a family who thinks that somebody has done something evil to them. The Lord says Just surrender every thing to me and believe in me and I have a different mission for them says the Lord

Soon after the meeting after we got in to the car, when we switched on our mobile there was a call from one of our friends, saying that a certain family was interested in the houses. The following day they called on us and said they wanted to look at the house in Kurana. Immediately after seeing the house and property they said they were very interested in purchasing it because all along they wanted to buy a house like ours. What's more they loved the place more because it was almost opposite the St. Anne’s Church Kurana. They wanted to close the deal within three days. They agreed to our terms and conditions and made all payments. During this time we also got a buyer for our second house at Ja-Ela, and we managed to sell it at a good price. As mentioned in the word of knowledge, as soon as we we surrendered everything to the Lord, we were able to overcome all of our problems . We praised thank and glorify the Lord for his mighty power and love shown upon to us.

I want to testify to God’s love and mercy towards us, His people. The last few months were a difficult period for me at my workplace. In September I was told that I have to resign from my post by the end of October. This worried me much as I had to find a new job at such short notice.

On the 17th of October there was a word of knowledge that there was a brother who is worrying about his job and the Lord says ‘don’t worry, I will give you a better job’. I claimed that word of knowledge and carried on. The days went by and we were in the latter part of October, but still there were no job offers on the Horizon. During my personal prayer I asked the Lord, ‘Lord you told me that you are giving me a better job and still I have not heard anything about a job. I heard an inner voice say ‘wait till you leave your present place’.

On the 31st of October, my last day at my workplace, I left office a little early and went home. I went to have a snack and was wondering what I was to do from that day onwards, as I did not have a job anymore. While, I was still having my snack, my mobile phone rang, it was my brother-in-law from Ireland. He wanted to start a business in Colombo and was looking for someone to run it. He instructed me to start working from the very next day, the 1st of November. I did not have to spend a single day without a job.

The Lord was true to His word. I want to thank and praise Him for all the blessings he has showered upon me.