Neck and shoulder pain healed! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 February 2012 12:43

This happened at the retreat “Intimacy with God”.

I have been having this neck and shoulder pain for years; even when I was in Sri Lanka I had taken treatment for this. So that day too when I came for the retreat I was in severe pain, I sat behind and was listening to Lalith Thatha. Then when everybody started singing “I am touched by your love”, tears just started pouring, one thing was the excruciating pain and the other, the song really touched me. When the song was over and in the midst of the praise and worship, suddenly a thought crept up, `Like someone was saying `your pain is gone ‘and I realised that the pain had indeed vanished,  at that very moment when all these thoughts were coming up, Lalith thatha said ``A person with a neck pain is being healed``, I was so shocked, because I never thought, it could happen to me, I always thought, that I did not have enough faith to be healed. Then when the retreat was over, suddenly I am starting to doubt the healing as if someone is asking me ``is this really for you, is this happening`` and then I feel the pain coming back again. At that moment I realised what a sinner I am, how weak I am that I can`t even get a healing from the Lord.

Then I thought I must ask pardon from the Lord, I started asking for his forgiveness for doubting his healing, and asked him to pardon me for my sins and just left it at that. Then a few days later, I realise that I am getting about my work as if this pain never existed, and I realise that the Lord has healed me.  I know the Lord forgave me, I know that he healed me, God is great, Praise you Lord, Thank you Lord.




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