The CRL Young Adults Ministry

As we slowly grow-out of our fun loving days of teenage life, suddenly we realize that we have been pushed into a world of adulthood. Seems like it was only weeks ago that we were still allowed to live a carefree life. Some of us take ages before we can adapt into this new status of life. while some of us our battling out this transition, there are also few of us who consider ourselves masters of the trade. We have got all the degrees and MBAs' one could possibly have and even got a comfortable position in the corporate ladder. The truth is whether we like it or not, here we are staring at the world as ADULTS!

sometimes as much as we want to rely on ourselves, our experiences and our instincts we are clueless about how to handle most situation life throws at us. Even if we do manage it well, all the decisions we make are subjective to our experience. what if there is a greater truth out there? So are we really alone? What if we still cannot figure out what to do with ourselves?

Coping with adult life

The YA ministry of CRL has take on the mission of spreading the word of God to young adults and bringing them into a journey with Christ. We dream of a world where every young adult is strenthened and guided by the love of Christ thereby becoming strong ambassadors of faith in a environment full of trouble, confusion and malpractise.

we urge you to come and join us during our weekly times of prayer and find out that you are really not alone. All the decision making and balancing between work, family and education come easy if you have Jesus by your side. therefore join us and experience a transformed life

Join Us

The YA fellowship is on
Every - Mondays
From - 6.15 to 8.00pm
At - St Anthony's Convent Hall - Kolpity (Next to St. Anthony's Church premises.)